Monday, September 21, 2009

Jenny McCarthy Loves Emu Oil For Anti-Aging Benefits

We've talked about the benefits of applying emu oil before. Simply said, if you want softer, smoother skin, try emu oil.

We just saw an item in the National Enquirer under Gossip with Mike Walker. And he claims, that it's emu oil, that keeps 36-year-old Jenny McCarthy looking "Playboy"-perfect.

We didn't believe the Enquirer, so we did our own digging, and we owe Mike Walker an apology. Jenny McCarthy loves applying emu oil.

Jenny was interviewed by Chicago's Michigan Avenue magazine, and she told them for non-surgical beauty:
"Emu oil. It's great for antiaging and it's my favorite thing to put on my face because there are no perfumes or dyes."

So, what exactly is an emu and emu oil?

Emu oil comes from the emu, a large flightless, ostrich-like bird. Maybe not the prettiest animal on the block. But Australian aborigines were said to have discovered the benefits of extracting this oil thousands of years ago. And what researchers have come to learn is that there is something in the oil that is compatible to human skin.Leigh Hopkins, PhD. explained it in this manner. "The fatty acid composition of emu oil is very close to the correct composition of the fats as found in normal, human skin."

Emu oil is an excellent emollient with strong transdermal properties. In other words, it can nicely penetrate the skin's layers. It doesn't just sit on the surface like many expensive moisturizers do.

You want to look for pure certified 100% emu oil. Here are two respected and popular brands to try:

1. Pure Certified 100% Emu Oil by Platinum Skin Care ($14.41, on sale. 2 0z.) at

2. Dremu Oil Triple Refined Emu Oil($77, 1 oz.). A favorite of Oprah Winfrey's.

And if you would like to read more about emu oil, dip back into our archives here:


Pam said...

I use emu after i come back from a chemical peel. My dermatolagist told me it repairs burned skin.Its soothing.

Mervin said...

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