Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copper Peptides Can Wipe Away Scars Moles And Blemishes

Let's be happy about one thing:

Beauty Science is advancing greatly each year. That means that products we use to save our skin and hopefully turn back time, are getting stronger and more effective. Namely, the role of copper peptides.

Copper peptides can flatten moles, lessen the depth of scars, and get rid of blemishes, and other skin conditions that eat away at our self-esteem.

Dr. Loren Pickart, a well-respected bio-chemist, is the skin genius who discovered the value of copper peptides. And his line of products named 'Skin Biology,' bear his many years of scientific beauty work.

He studied the role that remodeling copper peptides play in the repair of human skin and other tissues. This peptide is called, GHK-Copper. And it is being cited as a new weapon in the anti-aging arsenal.“I have studied methods of reversing human aging for my entire career,” Dr. Pickart said. “It was from these studies, that the human GHK-Copper was found.”

Without getting too technical here, because the subject of skin can be very complex, the skin remodeling copper peptides, or SRCP’s, can nicely improve skin density and firmness over time. Studies have shown a marked repairing in cases of laxity, clarity, fine lines, coarse wrinkles, and overall skin appearance. The copper peptides work below the skin’s surface.

And if you're anxious to really zero in on moles, scars, skin tags, blemishes, etc., try either Skin Biology's Super CP Serum ($24.95, 1 oz.) or his even stronger Super Cop Cream ($49.95, 1 oz.). Both products are successful at slowly repairing skin and flattening or even erasing completely, the skin issues you are bothered by.

The products contain his copper peptides. And although the ingredients are strong, if you begin gently, the effects build up over time. Add in some Hydroxy Acid products, and you are on your way to prettier and 'remodeled' skin.

To get a real education on copper peptides, visit The skin care line is sold there.

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