Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold Dry Days Ahead Make Skin Thirsty For New Anti-Aging Cream

The new skin care kid-on-the-block is red-hot, because it claims, like every anti-aging product out there, that its formula REALLY does work.

Say hello to SkinCubed and its high-performance 3-product line.

SkinCubed is a peptide-based anti-wrinkle cream that swears its clinical trials showed it was more effective than prescription skin care treatments.

Okay, now you have our interest piqued. We get wary of companies that boast about beating strong, Retin-A prescription creams and the like. Why? Because prescription skin care formulas are the BEST thing out there at the moment. These treatment are powerful, that is why they cannot be bought over-the-counter.

SkinCubed has become the little darling of many beauty and high fashion magazines with their one-page glossy advertisements, similar to the carefully controlled image of the StriVectin skin care line.

Is SkinCubed REALLY effective?

According to the clinical trials conducted in England at Manchester University, SkinCubed cream was effective at erasing sun damage and decreasing wrinkle depth.

Well, we haven't studied the research, but if that is true, then that's terrific.

SkinCubed says its products provide very good hydration for the skin. Hmmm....hydration. That to us, means that SkinCubed is a very good moisturizer, something everyone's complexion needs during the harsh, cold, dry fall and winter days ahead. But how does SkinCubed restore damaged skin and spur on collagen production?

We're not sure.

The 3-line collection includes:
Clinical Age-Defying Creme ($110)
Instant-Eye Repair Formula ($150)
Instant-Lift Peptide Formula ($150).

SkinCubed cannot be purchased in a store. But you can buy it at

We will be waiting to hear more information on SkinCubed.

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