Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Traction Alopecia: Even Hair Extension Celebs Get Bald Spots

Hair extensions.

Most of your favorite celebrities have them. But did you know that some of these beautiful Hollywood heads are also suffering from traction alopecia?!

Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by pulling on the hair, and can occur when someone wears fake hair or hair extensions. The weight of these added hair strands are much too heavy for the follicle, and it in turn, dies, or stops growing normal hairs. Even wearing simple clip-on extensions for several hours a day, can rip out one's natural hair.

And that's when a hair extension wearer will freak out. Hair breakage can occur, and one is left with severely damaged, thin locks, and at worst, bald spots, which sometimes remain permanent. And that is a frightening experience we would never wish on any woman.

Take a look at the photo snapped about a year ago. That's supermodel Naomi Campbell at a NYC fashion shoot. You can clearly see the bald spot she has developed for wearing straight hair extensions for a number of years now.

And we aren't trying to make Naomi Campbell the poster girl for traction alopecia. We are merely emphasizing a point here---that getting instant, long, full hair can come with its consequences.

We happen to think that Naomi has a stunningly beautiful face, and she is gorgeous, even with a hair weakness.

Celebrities like Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, Paris Hilton, the Kardashian sisters, and many others, are slaves to their Rapunzel-like extensions. They cannot seem to let them go. You might remember when Kim K had her hair 'cut' a few months ago. Then about a week or two later, had the extensions put back in. We're really not sure how long her real hair is. We thought her shorter hair looked healthy and prettier on her petite frame.

Sure, celebrities go to the best hair professionals around, and probably shell out $5,000 or more for some instant,long, shiny tresses. But bald spots can happen, even to beautiful, wealthy women, as the photo of Naomi Campbell clearly reveals.

Hair extension experts advise extension wearers to head to the salon every 6-12 weeks for maintenance. And some stylists believe in the power of coconut oil to condition the hair shaft and make it stronger. The oil is rich in fatty acids and very nourishing, and the hair shaft is able to absorb all its goodness.

How to Condition Hair with Coconut Oil.