Monday, October 31, 2011

Dry Spray Shampoo Comes In Handy During Real Crisis

We briefly mentioned yesterday, about New England getting socked hard in the weather department, following a rare and historic October Nor'easter.

About 70% of our city, alone, remains without power.

When a weather-related crisis hits, and you're left with no electricity and in some cases, no water, well, you've got to be extra clever in your beauty routine.

Today, we are looking at one rescue me hair product by John Frieda, one of our all-time favorite hair geniuses.

This blue spray can should be in every gal's beauty cabinet:

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher ($5.59, at ). It's a super dry spray shampoo. You don't need to wash your hair. You don't need a blow dryer, either. Simply spray onto roots, let dry, and fluff up with fingers. You get instant volume for your flat, oily, lackluster locks. And your hair smells delightful.

There are tons of dry shampoos out there. And most come with a white powdery base that seems to never fully disappear, even when you try brushing it out. With the Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher, all you need are about 4 quick blasts at the roots, and you're good to go.

You will get back the volume and your mane will look fresh and full, plus, you didn't have to go through the lengthy process of shampooing and blow-drying.

Dry shampoos are no secret to the professional stylists out there. Many use these spray shampoos to give their model/actress clients a lot of body and grip. You get instant, buildable texture with a great dry shampoo.

There are days, you just can't get the time to shampoo and blow-dry. And whether it's because of a weather-related crisis and your power has been lost, or you're just to busy to do your hair, give this latest John Frieda product a try.

You can even carry a can of it in your handbag. And you can apply it on the go, in a rush, anywhere.

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Jennifer's Mother said...

I live in Conn. so I understand about the NO POWER. It's been a n awful time with this bad storm and I ALWAYS use a blowdryer. So now that I can't for who knows how many more days I will pick up a can of this John Frieda dry shampoo. I'm gritting my teeth thru all this. I hope your city is back up & running soon!