Monday, October 17, 2011

Need Some Root Rescue? A Must-Have For Makeup Bags

When Jennifer Lopez was crowned People magazine's 'Most Beautiful' person earlier this year, she admitted in an interview, that she started going gray at age 23, and has since then, been touching up her roots every 2 weeks!

Don't laugh. We know how she feels. We, too, began going gray around the same age, and it's been a beauty battle that NEVER ends. We think it's especially tough for dark hair, because roots against a brown or black mass of hair stick out quite prominently.

That's why we LOVE those quick-fix root pens! No bigger than a tube of lipgloss. Easy to carry around and rapid to the rescue. You use them just like you would a tube of mascara. Comb on, let dry, and you're back in business!

Today, we're looking at QuickTint ($14.95, at We like the simplicity of this QuickTint pen and the staying power it delivers. Plus, it comes in 10 glossy shades:

Pale Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde, Medium Reddish Brown, Strawberry Blonde, Auburn, Copper, Medium Ash Brown, Medium Golden Brown, Dark Brown and Rich Black.

We like this stuff because it is water-proof, and can even stay on through a couple shampoos. To remove it, take an eye makeup remover pad and swipe over the QuickTint color, and then shampoo, and it's gone.

Yes, QuickTint is a makeup bag must-have for us, because you never know when a lone gray hair or pesky root will pop up, and that's usually at the wrong time.

We give QuickTint a thumbs up!