Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Get Soft Kissable Lips And Support Breast Cancer

If you tend to ignore your lips in your daily beauty routine, and just slap some lip balm on, well, you're NOT doing enough.

Lips need TLC, and here is why:

Lips are thinner in skin structure, very sensitive, and lack protective oil glands.
Lips also don't have enough melanin to protect us from the searing heat. Melanin is the natural skin pigment that filters out the strong and damaging UV rays.

Yes, lip balm is necessary and a good start. But there is more you can do to keep your lips soft and kissable. And we have found you a super lip scrub treatment with 20% of its proceeds going to the V Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness through the month of October.

But first, let's get to some Soft, Kissable Lips basics:

1. A toothbrush. You need one one of these as your key instrument for lip maintenance. No. We're not kidding. You must exfoliate as part of your daily and nightly routine. For instance, after brushing your teeth, take your wet toothbrush and gently brush your lips in a circular motion for several seconds. This brushing will loosen dead, chapped skin and give you smoother, softer lips..

2. Lip Treatment. And here is where our special lip scrub exfoliator takes the TLC one step further. We adore Sara Happ's Limited Edition Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub ($24, at b.glowing.com). And as we mentioned above, whenever you buy this yummy pink grapefruit lip scrub, you are helping fight the war on breast cancer.

You can find Sara Happ beauty products online and at many beauty stores and boutiques.

And this lip scrub is simple to use. Massage a generous amount over your lips with a firm, circular motion. You can even use the toothbrush to massage rather than your fingers. Then wipe away with a tissue. Say bye-bye dry, flaky skin and hello to the softest, most kissable lips around.

And now, go ahead and put your lip balm on.

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