Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cult Favorite: Freeze It Hairspray With Amazing Shine

Okay, so we are a hairspray freak. Well, maybe not that bad, but we do use hairspray EVERY day. And if it ain't aerosol, we don't even bother.

It took us a long time to discover this beauty cult favorite:

Freeze It Hairspray. The collection features a nice variety of "all-weather, high performance hairsprays delivering volume, bounce, and 24-hour shine with Optical Brighteners."

Hmmm. Optical Brighteners. Not sure exactly what those are, but we will say that Freeze It REALLY makes your hair shiny! And that's a plus for all the crazy things we do to our locks day in and day out.

Our cult fave is the Freeze It Mega Freeze Hairspray. Love it! This styling product really forces your mane to stay put and turns up the high-wattage. And it comes in a big 11.6 oz. can---lasts a long time. We found a 2-pack of Freeze It Mega Freeze in the big cans for just $7.94 online at Walmart!

To view the entire product range, visit them at

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