Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Daily Peel By Exuviance: Smoother Skin--No Downtime

We've all heard of the lunchtime peel.

And now, the NeoStrata skin care experts have taken it one step further:

Say hello to the Exuviance Daily Antioxidant Peel CA10 ($65, 36 single-use pads, at ULTA).

What a brilliant beauty concept. With just a few swipes of a single pad every morning, you can watch your complexion glow, become smoother, and develop a better tone and texture.

It's all done quickly without the irritation, redness and burning that often comes with chemical peels. Exuviance Daily Antioxidant CA10 is making the peel a simple beauty task, so you can wipe a single-use pad over your cleansed face, massage in any remaining fluid, and top it off with your moisturizer. And you're good to go! No waiting around and no rinsing and neutralizing the peel away. No downtime. Period.

And you still reap the benefits of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel. You get excellent exfoliation and super antioxidant protection all in a single pad, one-step leave-on peel process. The magic is in the strong 10% Citric Acid formula.

We like to think we are seasoned peelers. We find that chemical peels DO deliver softer, smoother skin. Rejuvenating the complexion requires exfoliation, and peeling gives you that key step in the beauty routine.

The NeoStrata company has always shared their newest skin care products with BeautyTipToday. And we can honestly say that we trust the NeoStrata experts and their scientifically advanced formulas. Definitely worth the purchase every time.