Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Face: Has The SNL Host Over-Filled?

It's great to see embattled actress Lindsay Lohan back on top and with a smile on her face. The 25-year-oldwill host 'SNL Live' tonight.

There's plenty for her to be happy about, too. Lindsay recently received high praise from the judge for her 3rd good probation report. The Mean Girls star has been complying with the requirements and doing her community service and attending therapy sessions.

Lindsay Lohan has also scored quite the acting coup after being picked to play screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime TV movie. She also recently announced that, "I am clean and sober now."

And then there's the other buzz....People have been talking about Lindsay's face. And how plumped up it appears. Is the platinum blonde actress merely in a 'good place,' and healthy? Or is it plastic surgery and/or cosmetic enhancement?

Most beauty experts would say that a young, beautiful girl would NOT need fillers or plastic surgery.

We've noticed that Lindsay looks fuller in the face, but we've also been noticing more, her very blonde hair extensions. We are certainly not a beauty doctor, but one famous surgeon who is, was not afraid to give his 2 cents to the National Enquirer:

"She appears to have a classic, over-plumped pillow face," says Dr. Anthony Youn

"Her cheeks look like she's storing nuts for the winter.

"I suspect that she's undergone multiple injections of filler like Sculptra or Restylane,"
he explains.

"While these treatments can create a very youthful, natural look, when overdone they can make a person look like a Cabbage Patch Doll."

That's just one expert's opinion. What do you think? Is Lindsay Lohan crazy about cosmetic fillers? Or is the star just looking rested and healthy? Check out the photos. The top shows the actress now, and the bottom pic shows her 1 year ago, this March.

Even if it is a case of filler over-fill, the substances are not permanent, and in a few months, the plumpness would gradually deflate.


4denise said...

She DOES look like a CabbagePatch doll!OMG!I prefer LiLo in the bottom pic a year ago.Saw her on SNL last nite--she actually did a decent job.HATE the blonde hair.should go back to redhair.

098Liza said...

OH NO!!!
Ruined her pretty face.
Not sure she can ever go back to loooking like Lindsay.