Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What To Do With Split Ends? Ask Jennifer Aniston

Are you dealing with trichoptilosis?!

That's the fancy medical term for having split ends.

Okay, we plead guilty, and we are certain that most women DO have a few split ends on their beautiful heads of hair. Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having them. She---with one of the best manes in Hollywood?! We'll get to her in a moment.

Back when we were in our late teens, we would find some split ends and start, well, splitting the strands apart. Whee! What a dopey thing to do.

So, exactly what are split ends? It's not too complicated to figure out. Basically, a single hair splits into 2 or more strands. That also signifies that your locks are damaged, resulting in dry ends of hair.

Rough combing/brushing, too many hairstyling heating tools, and even aggressively towel-drying your locks can all cause split ends.

The best solution?

Trim. Trim. And trim. That's exactly what a professional hairstylist would tell you. Sure, there are tons of expensive serums and creams that promise to get rid of your split ends permanently, but that cannot really happen. Split ends can't be glued together. The best these special serums can do is smooth down the strands, so the cuticles of the hairs don't appear so roughed-up.

Maybe that's why Jennifer Aniston is always playing with her hair. The Wanderlust actress recently told InStyle magazine that she had the 'weird tic' of keeping scissors in her car’s glove compartment to trim split ends.

Jennifer cuts her own hair every 5-6 weeks, especially if she has an important event she has to be at. Her celebrity stylist Chris McMillan is always reminding Jennifer that she doesn't know what she's doing when she picks up a pair of scissors.

Well, whatever Jennifer Aniston is doing or nor doing to her hair, it looks great!


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! I do the same thing but I dont leave my sizzors in the glove compt. But I do cut off the splits.

Linda Stevens said...

I wonder if religiously using detangler would eventually get rid of most split ends (after they fall out & get replaced by new hair which, detangled religiously, won't split?).