Friday, March 16, 2012

Extreme Laser Hair Removal: Would You Zap It All Like Kim K?

Today, we are looking at laser hair removal, because we just caught the April InStyle mag article about reality star Kim Kardashian. And the whole idea intrigues us.

Kim K was asked this:

InStyle: "Is it true you lasered your entire body, including your hairline?"

Kim K: "Yes! I'm Armenian-we're hairy. I had, like, 2 inches of baby hair around my hairline. It was out of control. When I slicked my hair into a ponytail, I'd have so much hair on the back of my neck."

We can sort of relate. We have er, hairy arms.

Okay, we said it. And we, too, are Mediterranean. We are of Greek heritage. And no, we have not lasered our arm hairs, but--maybe that's not a bad idea. At the moment, we bleach our arm hairs with Jolen. Kim Kardashian uses the at-home Tria Hair Removal Laser ($395) to "touch up legs and arms," when she can't get in for a laser session, she tells InStyle.

We also want to add, that the striking beauty is being sued by the Tria Beauty company, Radiancy, for making some alleged misleading statements. See, Kim K has been a Tria spokesperson. And a few months ago, she was reportedly sending the wrong message:

Radiancy claimed although TRIA has stated its hair remover gadget is unsafe for the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals or anus, Kim K allegedly said on national television, that she's using TRIA on her entire body.

Meantime....laser hair removal can do some wonderful things in just a few laser sessions at the doctor's office. One of these is a smooth, well-groomed hairline. Kim Kardashian claims she used to wax her forehead up until about 2 years ago. In 2010, she was showing off a higher, more polished new hairline. Check out the before photo 2007 and the after photo 2012(with braided bun).

Laser hair removal is safe and effective. Most people need an average of 4-6 treatments, at about 4-8 week intervals. The hair removal is permanent.

Some critics have been saying that Kim K DID have a little laser hair removal, but that she ALSO probably had a brow lift, because the forehead is considerably 'higher.'

Not sure about that. We're not even going there. We do think Kim's hairline looks pretty and polished.


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