Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tired Of Push-Up Bras That Add Too Many Cup Sizes? Try This One

Is it just us?

Or have most new bras been over-doing the push-up?!

We'll be honest, we need a boob boost, and adore the entire concept of a push-up bra. Whoever designed that one, is a genius.....BUT.....

We DON'T want a push-up bra that ADDS 2 cup sizes or MORE.

What's the point, really?

There's just so much room for ultra-thick padding. We like a little oomph, but please don't let our cups runneth over, so to speak.

We think we've found the perfect push-up bra that doesn't push up to the extreme:

Maidenform Naturally Glam Plunge Push-Up (on sale $28, at Maidenform). The bra comes in sizes 34B - 36D. And we found these shades at Kohl's online--Black Latte. Ivory Shell. Latte Lift. Poppy Pink Peach. Rum Raisin Lotus Pink.

The beauty in this Maidenform bra is in the construction. There is no padded bulk-- instead there is memory foam padding in an underwire style. You still get a very respectable lift but it's not 'in your face.'

Here's how Maidenform describes it:

"New innovative pad technology reveals new blends of foam for a second skin feel.
Lightweight comfort that glides over your skin.
Luxuriously soft fabrication into your body.
Natural push up brings on a new level of sexy."

Do you wear push-up bras? Is add 2 cup sizes, a bit too much of a good thing?

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Cathy Anderson said...

Had bought one in the store but found it on sale here. Barely there bras were exactly what I expected, came quickly, and was packaged wonderfully with a coupon. Overall very satisfied.