Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beyonce On A Roll Despite Nose Job Rumors + Inauguration Lip-Syncing

Take a look at glamorous Beyonce, the Vogue March cover girl. Bravo! Well done.

The superstar has taken a lot of nasty hits lately, but she always gets up and comes out swinging. The Vogue cover was leaked, but boy, it's a great one. Beyonce looks beautiful. We LOVE the cat eye and pretty up-do.  

We hope that cover takes away all the other junk plaguing the talented singer.  There have been a lot of rumors circulating that Beyonce went and had a nose job AFTER the January Inauguration and BEFORE her February Super Bowl half-time show. Now, really, folks.....How could that be achieved, without the bruising and swelling that results with a rhinoplasty?!

Then there was the entire lip-syncing fiasco at President Obama's Inauguation in January. She admitted to a pre-recording of the Star-Spangled Banner. But she also later proved she CAN sing, during a pre-Super Bowl press conference.

Take a look at Beyonce out and about in L.A. before Sunday's Grammy Awards. There's her nose in profile, and there's her face sans makeup. Does it look like a nose job?

Who knows. Of course, the photo at the Super Bowl half-time show showed a sharper, slimmer nose and some unflattering pics that the singer wanted removed. Unfortunately, those photos remain alive and well all over the internet.

Beyonce has taken the pot shots all in stride. And she's too busy to bother about crazy rumors. The talented diva is getting ready to launch her major world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show, kicking off in Serbia on April 15, and ending in Brooklyn on August 3.
Any questions?!

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