Friday, February 8, 2013

E!'s Catt Sadler Defies Earlobe Gravity This Way

E!'s elegant Catt Sadler is sharing one of her red carpet beauty tips, and we love when celebs dish. It's all about the bling, and in this case, 'BlingDots.'

If you've ever worn a great pair of chandeliers, then you know it can be quite the challenge. You want your earlobes to remain perky and pain-free. But usually, these oversized and often heavy earrings cause big lobe droop, and that's not a pretty look on the red carpet or any carpet for that matter.

E!'s gorgeous host swears by BlingDots' foam discs that you simply adhere to the back of your ears. These discreet little helpers give you support against sagging chandeliers and sagging lobes.

"Awards season is always exciting, and BlingDots for earrings are my red carpet trick for wearing amazing chandeliers all day and night."

BlingDots ($$14.99 for 45 disposable pairs, 90 individual dots).
Looking for inexpensive, cute chandeliers?

Check out these adorable turquoise earrings from Aldo! Just $9.99.

We think Catt's BlingDots beauty tip is a smart one. Take it from us, we have had two surgeries on each lobe from wearing heavy chandeliers in the past. You don't want to go there. A little discreet support in the form of two small discs can make a major difference. Wish we knew about this a few years ago.

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