Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hollywood Ladies In Sexy, Slim-Fitting Super Bowl Black

Wow! So this is how famous, glam celebrities get dolled-up for Super Bowl weekend!

We LOVE the sexy, slim-fitting black choices these lovely ladies chose.

Black ALWAYS makes the sophistication, polished grade You cannot miss.

Black ALWAYS looks expensive, even when it isn't.

Check out Jennifer Hudson and Kate Walsh in black peek-a-boo lace at a pre-Super Bowl party.  We like this look at night, but some maybe would find it's a bit much to see one's bra on display.
Holly Robinson-Peete went head-to-toe black in a more conservative way.
 We think all three ladies look gorgeous. Whether a black ensemble means skinny jeans and sheer sleeved blazer with lace, or back leather mini and lace, or just all-black, including striped pants,
it's a win-win for all parties involved!

We found a bunch of black lace peek-a-boo tops at Forever21 that won't break your budget. Here are a couple:

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