Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need Perfect Brows ASAP? Try Brenda Christian's Universal Pencil

We have mentioned here several times before that we are, er.....eyebrow-challenged. However, in the last couple of years or so, we have gotten our brows to grow in modestly. So, our brows are slow-wwwwwly improving. Still, we have to use a brow pencil to fill in a few spaces.

That's why we are interested in trying a universal brow pencil that a lot of women adore, including professional makeup artists.

Yeah, we know that the beauty word UNIVERSAL doesn't always live up to its claims of 'suitable for all skin tones, hair colors,' etc.

But---we wanted to explore the Universal Brow Definer by Brenda Christian Cosmetics ($18, at BrendaChristian Cosmetics).

We can't wait to try this pencil because of all these unique features:
  • Uses the pH of your hair follicle to determine ideal eyebrow color match
  • One color works for everyone
  • Provides natural three dimensional eye brow hair appearance
  • Corrects mistakes from waxing or over tweezing
  • Recommended by American Journal of Esthetic Medicine as the ideal visual replacement for natural eye brows
  • Fragrance Free
  • Perfect for Sensitive Eyes and Skin

  • Brenda Christian, a former makeup artist also gives step-by-step instructions how to use the Universal Brow Definer and a Perfect Brow Gel that you can add to complete the natural look.

    We think this is a good product to try!

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