Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stupid Ways To Ruin Your Skin---And We've Done Them

For those of you young enough to care about maintaining healthy, great skin, here are some
Stupid Ways to Ruin Your Skin:

TOO MUCH TIME IN THE SUN. Most of the sun damage done to our skin happens in childhood. However, the damage is cumulative and keeps on delivering year-after-year. We spent many a summer lying on the beach, ignoring the sunscreen and laughing at the world.

Remember this: Dermatologists say it takes 15 years for sun damage to show up as skin pigmentation + wrinkles.

SKIPPING THE EYE CREAM. Sure, we use an eye cream now. But we should have been applying one in our 20s. The eye area  is the first place to show aging. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate  and thirsts for hydration. Plumpness + elasticity in the eye area tends to disappear quickly  as we age.

An eye cream is protective and nourishing.

IGNORING THE NECK SKIN + DECOLLETE. Necks DO age, along with the decollete, or the skin between the breasts + the neck. When we're young, we tend to concentrate on the face, the complexion. But there's a whole lot going on BELOW the chin. Just take your night cream and apply some also to the neck+decollete, because those 2 parts of the body also get older and sag + crease, etc.

STARTING AN ANTI-AGING ROUTINE LATE. It's wise to begin an anti-aging routine while you are young. Learn all you can about your skin type, its problems and how you can prevent damage down the road. Just because you can't find any major lines + wrinkles yet, trust us, these ugly signs will get to you at some point down the road. Your goal is to MINIMIZE the damage.

GETTING A DERMATOLOGIST AFTER 40.  Another dodo move. Don't see the expert after 40. That's late. Finding a good dermatologist is key. Don't wait until you see the skin problems developing, like we did. Go now! Ask for a prescription for Retin-A. It's the best thing out there for keeping good skin or repairing the damage.

It's never too late to develop healthy, glowing skin. But it is best to invest in your complexion at an early age.

We've had to learn the hard way.

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Anonymous said...

I'm 29 and want to thank you for these tips. I've been thinking about all those things you mention. I want to get a dermatologist and now you have just convinced me. I have been a sun worshipper too!