Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kim And Khloe Having Spring Fling With Beautiful Braids

No matter how you plait it, twirl it and fish-tail it, BRAIDS are super stylish for Spring 2013!!

Braids can be tres elegant + very playful.

Of course your hair has to be on the long side to achieve this hair trend, either through extensions or you own natural growth, but either way, it appears that most ANY kind of braiding is in style for those warmer days ahead.

Take a look at reality TV's popular K sisters-Kim + Khloe. We are hearting their beautiful braids!

Khloe is wearing the classic milk-maid braid. Such a pretty hair halo around her head.

Older sis Kim, the most famous pregnant chick on the planet is showing off a more elaborate fishtail-plaited messy bun. We like that look, too with her red lace dress. 

The braids DON'T have to be perfect without a hair out-of-place. Hot mess braids are alright, too!

Check out the Aveda YouTube demo for braiding tips.