Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Jenny McCarthy Hits The Road She Takes Along Her Eyedews

With Jenny McCarthy's hectic schedule and many public appearances, the pretty star always tries to look put together.

She's now host of her own VH1 Friday night show, The Jenny McCarthy Show at 10:30 PM.

Of course, when you're burning the wick at both ends, your tired eyes tell the story. Dark circles, wrinkly, puffy, etc.

Jenny's quick fix are a box of Eyedews. These cool, natural eye-gel pads make everything right, again. We found some at$49.99, for 3 treatments).

And the effective ingredients are all good:
Natural Marine Collagen Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Chitosan and Vitamins C & E..

The 40-year-old beauty packs them in her bag to be on-the-ready:

"Eyedews are my secret weapon. They're little gel pads that go under your eyes to fight bags and wrinkles. I put them on during trips." Great beauty tip, Jenny!

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