Friday, April 5, 2013

Post Lorenzo Baby: Mama Snooki Undergoes Major Makeover

Snooki, last night, New York City at a Sandy Relief charity event.

Good for her in supporting a very worthy cause. But would you have guessed this were the same, pint-sized reality star of the Jersey Shore show?!

Look at Snooki's new smile.

Look at her new face---sculpted chin, high cheekbones + brows.

And look at her new, slimmer figure!

Has Mama Snooki gone and had a major makeover??

She's only 25, and yet the pressures of being a popular celebrity can do a number on women in the TV spotlight. There is so much crazy emphasis on looking perfect.

We cannot prove the tiny star has undergone significant plastic surgery, but there's a lot of buzz about the rumors. And last evening's appearance keeps sparking the buzz.

We think that getting an improved smile is certainly possible, if you look at the Before + After pics.
Then there is the alleged lip augmentation from a while ago.

Do you like the beautification of this reality star?

Or is it a bit much?

Snooki's close pal J Wowww also appears to have undergone some major plastic surgery on her face + figure BEFORE Snooki altered her appearance, allegedly, we might add.

These young women are just that---young. We could understand if they were hitting late 30s + beyond, but who are we to judge.

Does Snooki look the same to you??