Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Proud Mama Gisele Bundchen's Supermodel Style Travels to Brazil

A lot of women LOVE to hate the supermodel of them all--Gisele Bundchen.

Look at her!! She just gave birth to cutie-pie Vivian just 5 months ago, and yeah, she is still in phenomenal shape.

There walks Gisele through the airport having just landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil  for a modeling gig. We like her traveling proud mama style.

First, the signature beach-wavy hair is spot-on.

Secondly, Gisele is hiding behind a pair of aviator sunglasses. That is the key to a glam, classic sense of style. That's what American sportswear designer Michael Kors says:

"Aviator Sunglasses make any outfit sexy."
We couldn't agree more. Maybe you can't afford a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors aviators for $150 a pair. But you can still be a cool jet-setter with a cheaper pair.

We found a bunch of aviators to choose from at WetSeal. The photo shows the Twisted Temple Aviator Lenses (just $7.50 a pair, or 2 for $10). Can't beat the price, and if the cheaper copy-cat sunglasses last well into the fall, then you've done alright.

Let's be honest, Gisele doesn't have her breasts hanging out or a super mini hemline exposing her butt. She is dressed casually in a sweater with low-riding skinny grey skinny jeans  and suede boots.

She looks great. Plus, she isn't even walking along with her most handsome accessory--Tom Brady
. Otherwise, we would have included the photos!

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