Monday, April 29, 2013

Mariah Carey's Perfect-Looking Blush Comes From MAC

Pink Swoon by M.A.C.


American Idol judge and superstar Mariah Carey seems to have the perfect cheeks and natural-looking glow.

We've been curious what shade blush the sexy songstress likes to wear.

Her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle is revealing her beauty secret:

Pink Swoon by MAC ($21, at

It's a lovely soft pink blush that reality star Kim Kardashian also prefers.

We think the color is very natural-looking.

Great choice, Mariah!


myneecee said...

Big Mariah fan.
thanx for the scoop.
herskin is flawless and happy to know it's mac's pink swoon.

hoxn123 said...

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