Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not Exactly A Turban: Head Scarves Are A Nice BOHO Look For Spring/Summer 2013

Okay, we'll be honest, we were NOT going to be dressing up in a turban anytime soon, so when that trend popped up 3 years ago, we were happy to see it tank eventually, ha ha.

Now the big thing for Spring/Summer 2013 are head scarves, which are just a bit more casual and boho-chic if you will.

A head scarf doesn't have to sit so structured upon the head. It's not so severe a style. It's easy-going and can corral in any hairstyle long or short, curly or pin-straight, even glam on shaved or bald heads.

Marc by Marc Jacobs showed off the boho trend at his Spring show (above).

Dolce + Gabbana is featuring lots of pretty patterned head scarves in his beautiful print

And then of course, there is the legendary beauty herself--Sophia Loren looking doe-eyed and chic in a black + white stripe head scarf.

Head scarves are a really nice way to HIDE a bad hair day, too.

Will you be tying one on?


Anonymous said...

Only Sophia Loren can make smoking look so sexy...LOL

Great post!

Too chicken to tie one on though.

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