Monday, September 29, 2014

New Bride Amal Looks Like Modern Day Version Of Bianca Jagger Wedding Style

Gotta LOVE the big, white, wide-brimmed hat.

Classic, feminine + elegant.

We think new bride Amal has nailed each fashion change during her whirlwind 4-day Italian wedding weekend.

Today, we are adoring the gorgeous ensemble the new wife of George Clooney has emerged wearing following the couple's 10 minute civil ceremony today at the historic Ca' Loredan building which houses Venice's city hall.

We call this the modern day Bianca Jagger look. Remember her cool, white, big hat and the blazer/skirt combo she wore during her St. Tropez marriage to Mick Jagger?

Bianca was a trailblazer back in 1971. She wore her YSL Le Smoking jacket with a large, wide brim hat complete with a veil. And she was bra-less under the blazer.

Amal chose a chic, cream-colored, wide-legged Stella McCartney pantsuit with navy banding + clutch.

Wow! What a fab-looking couple!

Thinking about walking down the aisle in a civil ceremony a la Amal with a big, white hat and all?

We think it's a glamorous style and one you CAN copy.

On Etsy, we found lots of big, wide-brimmed white hats that are nice for the Kentucky Derby and/or a beautiful wedding.

Would you wear a big hat to make it official?


Anonymous said...

me likey.

Anonymous said...

I like her beauty but shes way-yyyyy tooooooo skinny. Why do women starve themselves ? She could gain 15 lbs and it wouldn't even show.