Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Believe: InfiniteAloe Skin Care DeliversThe Softest + Healthiest Skin

Organic. Pure. Natural.

Those are just 3 words to describe an amazing beauty line called InfiniteAloe Skin Care.

And as we type these sentences, we are staring at our smooth, soft hands after applying this effective aloe vera face + body cream, from just about head-to-toe. This stuff REALLY works well! We can't stop touching our hands.

InfiniteAloe Skin Care was quite gracious to us. We received a nice package in the mail from the California-based company. We were delighted to find what they have branded as:

The World's Most Complete Skin Care Product.

And we believe.

We've all heard about the incredible benefits from the aloe vera plant. When topically used, the gel from this succulent can improve skin conditions like psoriasis + exzema. It's healthy properties also provide perfect hydration to dry complexions and perfect balance to oily skin. Aloe vera also smooths rough patches like elbows, knees and the soles of the feet. And the do-good list goes on and on.

The fascinating thing about InfiniteAloe Skin Care is their one jar for the face, hands + body for ALL skin types.

According to the website, their Aloe Vera Face + Body Cream ($50) is made of a complex formula containing 42 all-natural ingredients that can:

1. Absorb quickly without being greasy or messy to put on.
2. Penetrate up to 7 layers deep. Keep providing protection even after washing hands again and again.
3. The pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid in InfiniteAloe used by dermatologists can battle wrinkles + maintain youthful skin.

You have to try it to believe it. And frankly, we are sold. We have oily skin, and this product did NOT leave a greasy shine. It delivered instead, a soft, smooth complexion, and did it in a natural, healthy way.

The skin care line also offers a unique, advanced anti-aging formula with high-tech, NanoDelivery System.

There is also a special scrub that exfoliates beautifully.

Check out InfiniteAloe Skin Care to learn more.


suzanne said...

This sounds good to try because at my job I wash my hands alot. I am looking for a great cream that won't disappear the minute it touches water.

Anonymous said...

My skin is so dry. I am now 42 and see how it has changed. I think I will try this InfiniteAloe line. I like what you said about it penetrating deeply. I hate to buy products that just sit on the kin all greasy.