Sunday, September 14, 2014

Revlon Introduces New High Shine Fiber Mascara: Bold Lacquer

We absolutely ADORE mascara. Cannot, repeat, cannot live without.

So, each time a brand new mascara hits store shelves, we are on it!

Revlon has been advertising their new high shine fiber product, called:

We have not tried it out yet, but maybe some of you already have.

It's selling for $7.99. We found a tube at ULTA.

Revlon's Bold Lacquer is available in 3 shades---Blackest Black. Black. And Blackened Brown.

So...does this new mascara deliver the promised punch of incredible volume + length?

Well, we've seen 5 ULTA customer reviews and the beauty score is ho-hum at a 2.8*** out of a possible 5*****.

Hmmm. Well, mascara is a personal thing for each woman who wears it. In other words, some prefer thin formula and others like the thicker, clumpy version.

We might enjoy this new mascara, because we prefer a thicker formula.

Tell us what you think, ladies---

Will you try Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara?

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