Monday, September 22, 2014

Olivia Pope-Inspired Fashion Hits The Limited Store Near You: Pretty + Polished

You could say that it's deliciously scandalous!

We're talking about The Limited's new Scandal fashion line debuting tomorrow.
It's ALL Olivia Pope-inspired style, which means a gorgeous wardrobe for today's modern woman.

Take a peek. Here are a few, pretty neutrals:

And you budget fashionistas will appreciate the price tag, too, with prices beginning at $49.

We must admit----This Olivia Pope-inspired style is classic + sexy. Sophisticated + polished.

Scandal star Kerry Washington raved about it on GMA this morning.

In a press release, Kerry Washington explained the reason for the development of some, much-needed Scandal style:

"By creating a line inspired by the show, we are introducing a collection that embodies the elegance and power of the Scandal aesthetic for real-life gladiators and everyday fashionistas," said Washington. "The collection is a nod to our devoted fans, to fans of fashion and to women everywhere who are inspired to boldly pursue their passions and look good while doing it."

Hey---we WANT that pale pink coat!

We are giving this Olivia Pope collection our Beauty Tip Today stamp of approval.

Well done.

Will you be heading to The Limited for a little Scandal fashion, ladies?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want the pink coat, too--LOL.

It is both classic and modern. Very elegant.

D.C. never has much style, but Olivia Pope has turned that all around.