Friday, May 22, 2015

Cindy Crawford's Simple, Summer, Supermodel Scarf Style

Model Cindy Crawford has always had elegant style, and she proves it by showing us her favorite traveling accessory:

A silky, summer scarf.

Sure, it's simple. But simply smart.

Here's the supermodel emerging from the airport wrapped in a boho, long scarf/wrap in ombre shades of blue.

And here she is again wearing a peachy, floral scarf/wrap, looped around her neck once in her signature, fabulous style:

An amazing, long, silky summer scarf can run you $500 or MORE, depending on the brand. but we're going CHEAP for this, so "its all good."

We found a bunch for much LESS at JCPenney:

Coral Metallic Striped Scarf ($17.99)
Olsenboye Ombre Wrap ($12)