Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kim K Brings Back Granny Panties + Christie Brinkley Popularizes Granny Pantyhose

Okay...we're starting to wonder here.....Ponder this:

Last post we delved into the sudden popularity of granny panties, and how reality TV star Kim Kardashian started putting these high-waisted, old lady undies on BEFORE it was considered cool again.

And now, we have iconic model Christie Brinkley recreating a fascination with old lady pantyhose.

What gives?!

According to the latest fashion stats out there, BOTH granny panties + pantyhose are BACK on TREND in a major way.

Some give the credit to the royals' Duchess Kate for showing women around the globe that it is not only okay to cover legs, but to bring back a sense of ladylikeness with pantyhose.

But we have seen Christie Brinkley wearing pantyhose at red carpet events for several years now, BEFORE the Duchess came on the scene.

Why oh why would stunning Christie Brinkley ever wear old lady pantyhose?

 In an interview last year, Christie revealed that she swears by pantyhose that give her 'a sense of security'. 

 Let's face it.....our legs can look less than perfect with spider veins, discoloration around the knees, varicose veins, etc., so pantyhose deliver a smooth appearance with even, flawless skin tone

In fact, she gives out her FAVE pantyhose brand

"I call Noblesse by Fogal my secret stockings. They're so thin but give me a sense of security."

Take a look at Noblesse by Fogal

Smart gal, that Christie!