Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jennifer Lopez On American Idol Red Carpet Last Night Finally Looking Human

We LOVE these REAL, not-so-perfect photos of gorgeous celebrities.

Remember supermodel Cindy Crawford's un-retouched fuller belly + stretch mark photo circulating?

Well, now here's a photo of 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez walking the outdoor red carpet last night for American Idol's finale.

Okay....we admit, it is soooooo unfair to blow up a photo of anyone's face, because it is easier to notice tiny flaws +blemishes. And when someone is OVER age 40, it is downright wrong to zero in on every imperfection.

Yes...J Lo looks her age here. And yes....It's refreshing to see that this lovely, sexy star is finally looking HUMAN.

So many celebs rely on professionally-applied makeup, fake hair, plastic surgery, cosmetic enhancement, etc and photoshopping to appear PERFECT. But even that ideal is impossible for most of us.

Say what you will, but Jennifer Lopez has exquisite bone structure. And under the proper lighting, it dazzles. Here she is on stage indoors, away from natural sunlight and looking gorg at last night's A.I. finale!

Jennifer is a longtime spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris makeup. She wears their True Match foundation in w6 Sun Beige.

Learn more about it here.


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