Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Street Style: Denim Shirt Even Hotter Than Ever With Celebs

We ALL have denim jeans and then some, but how about the classic, denim shirt?

You should have at least one, because this look is making major street style this spring.

And celebs are wearing the denim shirt just about everywhere. Many like Kylie Jenner are doing double denim. Take a peek:

Instead of wearing the more baring crop top, tying up your denim shirt looks even better, as Kylie shows us here.

Jennifer Hudson is all tied up in her denim shirt on location yesterday in New York City, shooting a fashion lay-out, so we're told.

Lovin' this on Jennifer, too.

And then there is Kate. Kate Hudson also snapped recently doing the denim shirt thing, in a cool fade.

You can COPY their street style, too, with a denim shirt from Forever21 ($27.90).

Get in on the trend!

A denim shirt is a classic staple to have in your closet.


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