Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Cancels Out Kate Moss As New Face Of Dior Addict

Whether you're Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Moss, it must be super nice to be named the face of any BIG makeup brand.

Since 2011, iconic model Kate Moss has been the face of Dior Addict lipstick. But now it's time to pass the lipstick tube on to another beauty.

And we're talking about Academy award actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The famous Dior name has tapped the young star to become its new face for Dior Addict makeup.

Press Phot Courtesy of DIOR

Like Kate Moss before her, Jennifer will start doing commercials for Dior Addict lipstick.

According to Dior's press release, the lipstick collection will re-launch on September 1, 2015 worldwide, with a brand new formula in 44 shades!

It's fancy lipstick at $33 a tube. We found them at Sephora.

And everybody raves about Dior Addict lipstick!

These ads for Dior Addict are high-fashion creative. Check out this one starring Kate Moss.