Saturday, May 16, 2015

If You Have The Length + Talent: Crown Braid Is Pretty Spring Do

Alright, you will need long hair for this gorgeous trend, or at least some hair extensions.

Next---you will need the manual dexterity this intricate do requires, or at least have a good stylist make it for you.

It's called the crown braid. And it's a goddess look---both elegant + pretty. Plus, it's a HOT hair trend for Spring/Summer 2015.

Look at actress Anna Chlumsky wowing in her crown braid. It's lovely from EVERY angle.

We think this is a chic, cool do. And Scandal star Kerry Washington must agree, because she is having fun wearing the crown braid on the red carpet, too.

Check out this YouTube How-To Crown Braid by Kayley Melissa. Nice job!

Will you try wearing the trendy crown braid this Spring?

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