Friday, October 2, 2015

$2 Suave Shampoo For Color Protection Provides Shine + Volume

Okay, we have a TOUGH time keeping our hair dye permanent.

TOO many grays, we are guessing! It's been a problem since our 30s. So-oooo annoying (Sigh).

So, we are ALWAYS on the hunt for a decent gentle shampoo that promises to keep the COLOR in the hair shaft longer.

Hmmm....Well, we will take the best we can find, but for us....the hair color disappears.....

Let's face it. Dyeing hair is DAMAGING, especially if it involves permanent color and/or the bleach blond-ing process, the ultimate in hair suicide.

BUT....we have just found a really CHEAP drugstore/grocery store shampoo for $2 bucks that feels GOOD.

Suave Color Protection Shampoo is a creamy white, thick formula that works up a great lather, smells lovely + rinses out well.

Yup...Just 2 bucks a bottle here at HarmonDiscount.
Only thing, we did NOT use the conditioner. And just the shampoo alone made our locks tangled up.

But other than that, this shampoo leaves tresses SHINY with VOLUME, and our hair did NOT appear to lose any color after 2 uses, so far.

We would NOT expect to get 40 shampoos with ZERO hair color loss, but, our hair does feel thick + smooth + healthy.

So, probably NOT the BEST color-treated shampoo out there, but certainly, NOT the worst.

And yes, I would buy this Suave product, again.

BTW.....That flawless head of hair in the photo, is NOT ours. Wish it were.


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