Saturday, October 3, 2015

Maybelline's New Color Blur Matte Pencil: Soft To Bold, You Choose

Think about it:

10 pretty shades that stay put on your lips for 5 hours straight.

Plus...YOU control the intensity of color.

Maybelline's new Color Blur Matte Pencil comes with a sponge-y  tip at the bottom of the chubby lip pencil, which allows you to BLOT down the lip color if you please.

By just applying the creamy pencil in the center of the lips, you can take the sponge-y (rubbery) tip. and softly blur the color out to the edges.

That way you make a lovely ombre lip.

We found them for Walmart for $7.73,  a piece.

YouTuber Lindsey Rose gives a great demo on the Color Blur Matte Pencil
These are quite pigmented lip colors, but the sponge-y tip does a neat job of  smoothing + softening the intensity.

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