Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vogue Embraces The Imperfect Oxblood Lip Stain

It's AUTUMN.....What would you expect?

Rich dark shades like Oxblood, Crimson, Bordeaux + Claret are taking over as the HOT new lip trend.

And according to, NO lip liner required.

Instead, it's all about the smudge-able berry stain.


And stars like Kate Hudson are turning heads.

The rest of the makeup appears sparse, or at least NOT heavily over-done when presenting the imperfect oxblood lip.

So, how do we er.....apply this imperfect lip stain?

Vogue suggests all you need is a deep, earthy red lipstick, and.....

a soft-edged stain in which pigment is pushed into the lips with a fingertip.

The imperfect lipstick trend is SOLD OUT, but they're ordering up MORE.

It's Burberry Prorsum's Lip Velvet Oxblood #437 ($34).

You don't have to wait to spend $34 on a earthy red lipstick. You can DUPE the shade, or choose one that is in the same oxblood family of reds.


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