Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Double Chin Elimination! New 5 Minute Injectable Dissolves Quickly!

We LOVE when cosmetic advancements keep coming.....Here's a BRAND new way to get RID of a double chin with a couple of injections.....and POOF! The double, sagging chin is GONE!

NO surgery.....NO downtime......Just a couple of thousand dollars or so, and well, a smoother, tauter chin + upper neckline.

The drug is called Kybella and is gaining plenty of buzz lately.

We think this is GREAT! And the FDA has now given approval. We wrote about this treatment last March when the US was waiting for the green light to proceed.

A lot of women + men are sensitive about loose, or flabby skin anywhere on the face + body. And the chin is no different.

A double chin can be caused by genetics, and how your body determines its fat storage + water retention. Age can also cause a double chin as skin sags. And being obese can also definitely give one a double chin.

This new procedure seems simple + quick 5- minute injection) with excellent, lasting results.  Take a look:

This is a MAJOR beauty breakthrough for 2015!


ABC News has been following Kybella's journey for FDA approval for a few months now. Read MORE here.