Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Started Going Grey In Her 20s: Time To Touch-Up

"I started going grey at 23," admits Jennifer Lopez.

She once told a US radio show: "My mom and my dad both went grey at a young age and I did too. At 23.

"Once I got started doing movies I started to grey. It was the stress, the pressure," she joked.

And when she was married to Mark Anthony, Jennifer laughed that she had to get her hair done " every two weeks."

We feel your pain, J LO, because we, too, started graying in our early 20s.

To show proof that she STILL fights those grey strands, take a peek at her here on the set of her new NBC drama, Shades of Blue on Friday afternoon.

Jennifer is still looking great at age 46, and ZERO makeup on that we can detect.

Yes, dark under-eye circles. So what? Who doesn't have those, right?

We LOVE seeing un-retouched photos like this one. Makes us feel better; makes Jenny-from-the-block appear normal with minor beauty challenges.

A quick, cheap way to HIDE those pesky greys BEFORE your next salon appointment is to use this.

It looks like a mascara wand, but is just for root touch-ups. Just apply to the grey, and POOF....bye-bye until your next shampoo!

Try this one:

Irene Gari Cover Your Grey for Women 2-in-1 Hair Color Touch up Wand ($4.99, at ULTA)..


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