Monday, October 12, 2015

TwistNClean: Genius Beauty Tool That Wipes Away Mascara Excess Instantly!

Ladies, we have ALL been there; I'm talking about the glop + glob left from mascara as you PUMP the tube to extract mascara on the wand to apply each coat.

You know what can happen.....It's just way too much. And now your pretty lashes are CLUMPING + difficult to SEPARATE for the next lash-building coat or layer.

We have admitted here several times, that we CANNOT live WITHOUT mascara. We are, er....a mascara freak, and a proud one at that.

Today, we are lucky that there are TONS of 'volumizing' mascaras available---thick formulas that BUILD + BUILD for a gorgeous faux lash effect. Plus, there are BIGGER, WIDER wands/brushes that can hold more mascara product.

The only bad thing, you can OVER-LOAD....then lashes, as we say, CLUMP + SPIKE....

TWISTNCLEAN to the beauty rescue!

This is a first-of-its-kind product now available for mascara lovers everywhere. And it's healthy for the planet---100% biodegradable.

Stephen Isola developed this genius beauty tool, and was gracious enough to SEND us a TwistNClean along with a supply of re-fillable inserts.

I am using his photos from the TwistNClean website to show you what the little beauty box looks like and how a mascara wand/brush is inserted INSIDE the box where the inserts wipe OFF the excess mascara, and allow you to now apply a perfect coat WITHOUT the glop + glob!

And a TwistNClean is a great beauty budget buy. For just $8.99, you receive one Box Case with Mirror: includes one TWIST N’CLEAN insert.

Then for $9.99, you can buy a BIG pack of re-fillable inserts.

What can we say?

This is an inexpensive + smart beauty tool that lets women build perfect, even mascara coats for great-looking lashes.

And makeup artists will also fall in LOVE with TwistNClean.


Thank you, Stephen Isola.