Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant Cuts Down On Shaving

We haven't tried this one yet, but summer is just around the corner, and we hate shaving, especially our underarms. Of course, we do remove the excess hair, but it's still a pain-in-the-neck. Shaving is still the cheapest and quickest way to get rid of hair. Laser hair removal works after maybe 5 sessions and a $1,000 bill. No thanks.

So, are there more economical options?

Think Dove deodorant.

We use Dove Invisible Solid with the blue cap, and it works very decently to control perspiration. But now there's a new Dove in town, this one in the pretty pink color. It's called--Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant ($4, at drugstores).

So what does Dove deodorant have to do with underarm shaving?

We're finding this one a little hard to fathom, but, we will give it a try, and maybe some of you have already tested this Dove in the new pink container. We are curious to see what the product does.

According to Dove, the new Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant, is formulated with a blend of natural extracts which supposedly target the stubble of your underarm hair. And these ingredients go to work to soften stubble for a smoother shave. Over time, your hair under there, will be finer and easier to shave away,

In addition, the deodorant leaves behind a thin, invisible film to make new hair growth less noticeable. And you still get the odor and wetness protection from the product. So no worry there.

If you visit Dove at, you can download a $2 off coupon on your next purchase of Ultimate Visibly Smooth.

And it comes in 2 appealing scents: Wild Rose. Nature Fresh.


linnie2 said...

hey J.T. thanks for the coupon the way, are those your teeth in the story about wisp?

J.Tania said...

I can't stop laughing, linnie2.
If those were my teeth, I would n't be sitting here writing this website.
Those teeth are absolutely perfect. I can't stop staring at them. They come, yes, the teeth, from some Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist. I want some of those!!

Knee Surgery Abroad said...

Really great idea! Thanks for sharing

J.Tania said...

Hi Knee Surgery Abroad:

Anything that can lessen the daily task of shaving under the arm, is worth a shot. And the $2 off coupon really helps.

Tummy Tucks in Beverly Hills said...

Haha that is a great idea but tooo funny