Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cherry Culture Fun Online Site To Shop For Makeup

It's raining. It's poring. This weather's really boring. We thought it would be a nice time to go shopping for makeup indoors.

We're all trying to save a few bucks here and there these days, especially when it comes to looking pretty.

Remember this name: Cherry Culture.

This is a super site for online makeup at a discount....

The site is barely three years old, and what we adore about it, is makeup galore!!. About 40 brands to choose from. Princessa. NYX. Milani. Lucky Chick. Lulu Beauty. Sugar. LA Girl. etc.

Cherry Culture explains it like this:

"Cherry Culture is a "must shop" place for makeup lovers in the world. Cherry Culture is a place where makeup lovers can unleash their inner beauty without sacrificing their budget.
With hundreds of colors to choose from, you are never going to run out of options to create your next look. Our Featured, Top Sellers, New Items and Sale tabs direct you to where you can see the latest products at a glance."

We heart discount cosmetics! Really, who doesn't? And okay, the makeup at might not be the snob quality of a Nars or Mac, but who cares? You can find some lovely cosmetics here, and the stuff is quite good.

Have a young daughter ready to explore the fun times of putting on makeup? Don't worry. Cherry Culture has plenty of tween and teen-friendly brands to choose from, like Blah Blah and Wild and Crazy.

There are tons of makeups on sale, too. Many items as low as $1.00. Can't beat it.
Why not head over to The cosmetic pickin' is great.

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mmm from Brookville said...

Good info, thanks. I have a daughter almost 14 and she wants to start wearing some makeup. So I will surely check out the teen brands and see what they're offering for young girls.