Friday, July 3, 2009

SunMaita Do-It-Yourself Threader For Baby Smooth Skin

Okay, we are definitely intrigued by this beauty DIY, or do-it-yourself threader.

Some of you are scratching your heads and asking, "What does a threader have to do with baby smooth skin?"

Plenty. Threading is actually an ancient practice that women from India, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and other Eastern cultures do to gently remove unwanted facial hair. It might look strange, but it is a smart technique using " a tightly looped piece of thread that gently glides on the surface of the skin while pulling hair of all lengths from the roots."

And now you don't need to visit a salon pro. SunMaita, Inc. has developed the only one-of-its-kind at-home threader kit ($150,

Anita Sun and Sara Maita, both expert threaders, created this unique beauty product. Because as anyone familiar with threading knows, you cannot thread your own face. Someone has to do it for you. Until now. So, how wonderful is this SunMaita beauty product?!

Anita and Sara explain at their website, just how the SunMaita Threader works:

The Threader was carefully engineered to create the exact angles that master threadists use to ensure the most dramatic results by polishing off surface dead skin cells and removing facial hairs.
Threader is easy to use and gently and effectively rolls out all hairs, including the coarse, deep-rooted ones, as well as all the tiny “peach fuzz” from the follicle.

And here are the benefits for your skin:

Significantly minimizes hair follicle
Safe to use with skin treatments such as peels and retinol
Leaves skin silky smooth and radiant
Avoids harmful tugging of the skin
Helps prevent ingrown hairs
Lasts up to 4 weeks before hair re-growth
Ideal alternative for sensitive and problematic skin

The website also provides a detailed demonstration of the SunMaita Threader. It is a user-friendly beauty device, and not complicated to get the hang of it. You can also use the at-home threader for underarms and bikini area.

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