Saturday, July 11, 2009

Organize Your Jewelry In Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

Let's be honest. Have you ever stored your jewelry all over your bedroom? In ashtrays? On the dresser? In the drawers? On the nightstand? In a closet? Etc.

Well, you are not alone. Sure, some gorgeous rings, chandelier earrings, and ornate gold bracelets might look pretty on display, but only if you carefully arrange them on pretty trays or crystal bowls. You get the idea.

We think the best way to look after your precious jewelry, is by simply buying a beautiful jewelry box.

You can go high-end or low-end. Trust us, there are some stunning jewelry boxes to be found. Take a look at the asian wooden jewelry box. This little antique is at a starting bid of $29.99 on Ebay.

There are tons of jewelry boxes on Ebay in so many styles and sizes. We have purchased a few there and these boxes are really attractive and so useful.

You can also buy jewelry boxes new with lined compartments to gently store your delicate and more expensive gems. Take a look at the lovely lacquered jewelry boxes by This beauty features metal hardware and velvet lining. On sale now for $59.99.

Really examine all your precious pieces. And then organize your jewelry.

Separate the broken ones from the perfect ones. And do your jewelry maintenance. Learn how to clean your gems.

Read our article on keeping jewelry shiny and new on a budget.

There you will learn the different ways of keeping gold, silver, platinum, pearls, and other jewelry in tip-top shape, and nice and sparkly!

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