Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Recipient Of Boob Jab To Increase Bust?

Here we go again. Actress Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have undergone a new cosmetic procedure called Macrolane injections. Or in layman's terms, a boob jab. A quick 'lunchtime procedure.'

The injections actually consist of fillers, almost similar to what people now have injected into their faces for volume.

And that is what the 40-year-old actress is rumored to have done.......add subtle volume and uplift to her breasts, and therefore, increase her bosom a whole cup size!

The gossip has already been around for years about Jennifer having breast implants. Many Hollywood beauties resort to implants, so that would not seem unusual. But is it possible if one has breast implants, to also safely receive Macrolane injections? Hmmm, good question.

Let's take a closer look at boob jabs or Macrolane injections. The gossip first got started in London at the Daily Mail. Folks in the UK and across Europe have nick-named these non-surgical procedures as boob jabs.

The perkier silhouette, however, is not permanent. The look will last about 18 months, and then you have to, er, fill up again, so to speak. Hey, at least it doesn't involve serious surgery.

Here's how the half hour procedure works:

A local anesthetic is applied. Then a thick needle containing Macrolane filler is injected deep into the breast tissue (ouch!). The filler itself contains hyaluronic acid (similar to that found in dermal facial fillers). It is a thick, dense fluid.

The only drawback we could find, is that some patients develop hard lumps after a few days. In other words, the body is sensing a 'foreign object' inside the breast, and tissue forms around it, fencing it in.

Meantime, we don't know how safe a boob jab procedure is. And we surely don't know if Jennifer Aniston has received one. The actress tends to get headlines for everything she does these days. Folks are watching her every move. Kind of difficult to live in a fish bowl that way.

What we do know, is that at age 40, Jennifer Aniston looks lovely and youthful with a body better than most women half her years. More power to her.


janiced111 said...

You mean to tell me that you don't have to undergo surgery?? Well that's freakin' brilliant! So you get a whole cup size more that lasts a year and a half? OMG! That's not bad!

Anyone here done this boob jab???

Jesse said...

Filling the boobs with a foreign substance is scary but it's overshadowed by the need for great looks.