Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheap Super Quality Christmas Stocking Stuffer! $9.95!!

If you're like many of us, sometimes you're just stumped as to what to buy for adorable Christmas stocking stuffers or holiday gifts for the special, fun-loving gals in your life.

We were bleary-eyed and yawning, as we sat surfing the web until around 1 AM today.

We stumbled on to the HomeWetBar website. And when we saw this little, pink number, we were hooked! Check out the Pretty in Pink Crystal Bottle Stopper ($9.95). This is a super stocking stuffer that sparkles for the ladies. And you can't beat the cheap price---under $10!!

We also found a Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Wine Stopper ($12.95). Again, a low price for a quality, elegant gift.

These stoppers are great conversation pieces. And best of all, these rock-hard wine stoppers feature a stainless steel shaft and rubber gasket for a tight seal.

Hey, we're trying to use our imagination and be a creative, little elf here. It's not easy. This is an unique, cool gift, even if you don't drink wine. It could easily act as a stopper in other bottles.

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Layla! said...


GREAT XMAS presents for my best girlfriends!