Sunday, December 30, 2012

Katy Perry: Teenage Dream Without Makeup?!

Okay, we look like crap without makeup, and as you can see here, well, er.....Katy Perry is NOT exactly the 'Teenage Dream'. She looks a lot BETTER with makeup, hair extensions, beautiful clothing, etc.

In our humblest pea-brain opinion.....MAKEUP MATTERS. We barely even recognize Billboard Magazine's 'Woman of the Year 2012.'

Yes, we were taken aback, because we happen to think that the talented pop singer is very pretty. And here (top photo), well, we think she looks average. Just our opinion.

This brings us to another uneducated theory. Most women could be gorgeous with the right team of beauty professionals! Just look at photo #2. Is Katy Perry stunning or what?!

Sure, she has a lot of cosmetics on, including miles of false lashes and superb brow makeup applied, and sexy, black hair extensions, and so on. But the point is, most women CAN be glamorous. And if you have a beauty army to help you like all Hollywood women do, then...pretty comes easy.

Katy Perry's secret are the loveliest set of faux lashes by her OWN brand--Katy Perry lashes by eylure.
Photo #3 is a cover shot for Billboard mag. So that one is most likely airbrushed to fake perfection. And Katy looks incredible in that pic.
What do you think? Are we being to harsh on the sultry songstress? Does Katy wear TOO much makeup anyway? We'd like your humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

Your right. Hollywood is all FAKE and a team of pros can make evryone look gorg! Katy is NO teenage dream here(ROFL)!

layla said...

If she got rid of the toothpick resting in her mouth she wouldn't look that bad.hehe

Mrs. Barbara J said...

SO thrilled you posted the before + after shots. Will show my teenage stepdauhgter this post, because she always feels unattractive and Im with you thatits all about makeup and hair, etc.when it comes to celebrities.Look at Kim Kardashian with tons of makeup on.

Anonymous said...

I think Katy looks beautiful with or without makep.Stop being so mean.I LOVE her!

lilyrose perfume said...

I think that people use to see you most of time with make up so it is a big surprise when you see somebody without make up, but if you have a nice face like Katty you are always beautiful ... with or without ... kiss Marie xoxox

Joey (short for Josephine) said...

Okay, wow, ladies. some of you are just being petty. What women can honestly say she feels prettiest without makeup-and if you can GREAT for you. But don't pick on other women because they don't, and Katy perry kind of HAS to look beautiful since she's famous. I personally don't care what she looks like because i like her music and can't listen to her face. Tata!