Monday, December 10, 2012

'Persian Barbie' Lilly Loves This Drugstore Facial Mask

She's the new break-out star of Bravo's hit reality show, 'The Shahs of Sunset.'

Everyone calls Attorney Lilly Ghalichi the 'Persian Barbie.'

People seem to be obsessed with Lilly and her big, black hair and Kim K cat-eyes. And that's what we're afraid of----too much exposure like the K-sisters. At least we hope she keeps it all in check.

Lilly has a few beauty tips when it comes to her flawless complexion. She LOVES a certain green tea facial mask:

Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask ($7.29, at walgreens).

"....There is a mask in particular that I love. Again, I've bought them all, super expensive ones, prescription ones etc etc, and this one is my favorite. It's called "Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask."

It's inexpensive and  takes just 5 minutes to do it's stuff.

Lilly adds:

"I had bought one as a joke once from Walgreens in Texas, I ended up LOVING IT. The drug stores in my area in LA don't carry it, so every time I go to Houston I stock up. I apply it once a week or whenever I feel my skin is looking dull or clogged. The second I walk out of the shower I put it on as my pores are wide open. It's green and cooling, and dries pretty quickly. Just be sure to avoid the eye area. I snapped a picture of myself doing it last night #nomakeup #greenface #don'tcare!"

For more Lilly clear complexion tips, check out her blog.

BTW, Lilly Ghalichi will be the guest on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live!' next Sunday, 11PM.

Are you watching Lilly?


Anonymous said...

FAB post about a FAB lady!

jada said...

Looks way TOO Fake---TOO plastic.
Why be ashamed of your persian heritage and erase your strong nose and other features?
Boobs look so ridiculous on such a teeny frame.

Sign me

Anonymous said...

its a verygood mask. i use it once a month or for special nite out. LUV Lilly by the way!