Sunday, December 2, 2012

Copy J.Lo's Cool Cat-Eye Makeup. Meow!!

Jennifer Lopez has been walking the red carpet these days wearing a cool cat-eye! Her makeup has been spot-on, and a lot of women are buzzing about her sexy style.

To achieve the classic, glamorous cat-eye, one needs a few cosmetic staples and a steady hand. Lucky for us, J.Lo's main makeup pro, Mary Phillips, shows Glamour mag how it's done with an excellent step-by-step copy-cat guide to your J.Lo cat-eye:

4 Makeup Products:
Neutral pale shadow
Dark brown shadow
Black eyeliner
Black mascara

You can see the entire cat-eye demo photos and brand makeup here at

We LOVE the cat-eye. It is timeless and if done right, very chic and glam.

You don't have to use the particular cosmetics that Mary Phillips uses. We are just giving you the beauty framework for the J.Lo cat-eye, so you can copy the look with the 4 basic products.

It's such a cool look. Meow!

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