Friday, December 21, 2012

La Bedouine Introduces Another Fab Product To New Skin Care Line

We are excited to bring you another new product from the just launched anti-aging botanical skin care line known as La Bedouine.
This light, luxurious Creme d'Argan has become our favorite!

How do we describe this elegant, argan oil-infused skin cream?

You would really have to try some on. It's that good! But we can tell you that Creme d'Argan ($54, 2 fl. oz.) is a beauty winner because it has been carefully made and studied, according to Judith Reitman, the founder and president of La Bedouine.

The cream contains 2 effective anti-aging botanicals-- 100% organic Argan Oil and Baobab Tree Oil. And this cream smells so wonderfully exotic, too. We have tried Creme d'Argan for a couple of weeks now, and  have come to the conclusion, that this is an excellent skin care choice. It is non-greasy, even on our oily complexion. We like the absorbability, and the smooth feeling it delivers as a base before makeup. We like to test skin care products under our eyes hoping to soften and hide fine lines and wrinkles. This products makes the cut.

If you're looking to change a lot of bad habits in the new year ahead, try improving your skin, for one. Everyone can have better, brighter, younger-looking skin. When you choose the beauty care routine, then you're on your way. We think you ought to look into La Bedouine and how this company came to be. Here's our first BeautyTipToday post about La Bedouine.

You can also ask for FREE samples of Bedouine Skin Care here.

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